Casino Duisburg

It is by far the most visited casino in the country. Every day, hundreds of visitors gather in the CityPalais next to the Mercatorhalle to play roulette, blackjack and poker as well as modern slots.

Casino management


Michael Wiebeck

„The Casino Duisburg represents modern entertainment in a breath-taking atmosphere. We put on gaming-related live events, a large selection of slot machines and a unique flair in classic games. Fortuna has a season ticket with us. I wish all guests a great time in our casino."

Divison manager

assistant casino director

Stephan Schwarz

Divison manager

Linda Retzlaff

Divison manager

Reinhard Schulz

Devison manager

Mathias Sandhof

Our offer of games

Rien ne va plus - this phrase can be heard regularly at our roulette tables. The numbers are set, the ball spins and slots in its tracks. Everything stops. For the guests in our casinos this is the only moment when everything stops for a short while. Excitement and fun are guaranteed at the tables with classic gaming and at slot machines. Classic game offerings include American Roulette as well as the card games Blackjack and Poker. Slot machines, bingo machines, multi roulette and a variety of different jackpot systems are available in slot machines. To facilitate each guest's admission into the various games, you will find the respective short explanations on this page.


Roulette is the classic game par excellence - and the fairest game of chance: The payout ratio is over 97 percent. We play the American Roulette variant.

American Roulette is the fast Las Vegas variant. It is played standing up, each player can bet by himself. Two croupiers direct. The croupier marks the winning number with a small figure called Dolly.

In our house we play at 18 tables with the following stakes:

9 tables with a minimum stake of 2 Euro

6 tables with a minimum stake of 5 Euro*

3 tables with a minimum stake of 10 Euro**

*At these tables it is possible to play the blue and yellow wheelchecks of 2,- € each.

**At these tables it is possible to play the brown and orange wheelchecks of 5,- € each.

To the permanances   

Black Jack

Black Jack originated from the French “Vingt-et-un” and is also associated with “17+4” or “21”. Its features are a simple set of rules and a varied game playing process. To win, with 2 or more cards, you must score higher than the dealer. The highest score is 21 and must not be exceeded.

We currently offer 8 Black Jack tables with the following minimum and maximum bets:

  • 4 tables minimum  5 Euro - maximum  100 Euro
  • 2 tables minimum 10 Euro - maximum  500 Euro
  • 2 tables minimum 20 Euro - maximum 1.000 Euro
  • Additional opportunities with up to 300-fold payout

Seat reservations
We will gladly accept your seat reservation by telephone at
0203 71392-269 (daily from 15:00).


Poker is a game of chance in which strategy and knowledge of people determine your success. It can be played by several players at a time. The most popular variants are Texas Hold'em and Omaha. The best five-card poker hand wins.

The Casino Duisburg offers a cash game table daily. On friday and saturday there are up two tables available.

Poker against the bank: Up to 2 tables of Ultimate Texas Hold'em are played daily from 18:00.

Timetables and schedules   

Slot machines

Slot machines

Gaming with slot machines follows simple rules: A player wins if he achieves a certain combination of images. The winnings depend on the lines activated. The more the player activates, the higher the chances of winning.

Our staff will gladly explain to you the possibilities offered by the individual machines.


Opening hours

Our opening hours

Daily: from 11:00 to 03:00 *

Friday and saturday: from 11:00 to 04:00 **

*Classic game opens at 16:00 and closes at 02:00

**Classic game opens at 16:00 and closes at 03:00

Exception: befor Good Friday until 24:00


Closed days 

Good Friday, All Saints' Day, Memorial Day, Sunday of Death, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day

Entrance fees

No admission without ID

Without a valid proof of identity (passport/identity card) we can not grant you access! Driving licenses and similar papers are not permitted.
Admission from 18 years old.


The entrance fees

Day ticket: 5 Euro



Slot special 5 €

  • Day ticket + lucky ticket worth € 5*
  • Daily from the opening time until 15:00 and from 24:00

Entry special 15 €

  • Day ticket + 10 € in chips or -tickets*
  • Free drink (soft drink, hot drink, draft beer 0.2 l, wine or sparkling wine 0.1 l)
  • Daily from opening time

Entry special „plus “ 50 €

  • Day ticket + € 40 in chips or tickets*
  • 2 free drinks (soft drink, hot drink, draft beer 0.2 l, wine or sparkling wine 0.1 l)
  • Free parking
  • Daily from opening time

Entry special „plus 50 half / half “

  • Day ticket + 20 € in chips* and 20 € in tickets*
  • 2 free drinks (soft drink, hot drink, draft beer 0.2 l, wine or sparkling wine 0.1 l)
  • Free parking
  • Daily from opening time


*Chips and tickets can not be exchanged for cash.

Dresscode - What should I wear?

It doesn't have to be the James Bond tuxedo. Or the little black one like on the red carpet at a film festival. But there is also a special atmosphere in our house, which requires an appropriate clothing. In the slot machine game you are on the safe side with well-groomed casual clothing that is not too casual. In the classic game, on the other hand, you should not be dressed too casually. Men are suitably dressed with a shirt or a neat polo shirt and closed shoes, preferably combined with a suit or jeans. A tie is not absolutely necessary. You are also welcome without a tie.